I’ve been awake with my feelings.
I shared a last phone call yesterday with my friend, a Coraki Elder, from Palliative Care in lockdown.
In days, she will fall out of life and into Death. We talked about how damn good life was, the things she’d loved, and for what she was deeply humbly thankful.
She told me that she’d been treated like a Queen by the nurses these last days, and had shared a final glass of red with her dear man last night. The 2 of them alone like always, sharing memories & looking into each others faces for the First Time ever with the finality that affirms; I will see you no more in this world.
It takes my breath away every single time. The grace in which people choose to die when there is no other path ahead.
Everything is now a last time for her. Our conversation, nearing it’s end, haltingly, knowing we would never speak again, and her final words to me: “It’s everything, just like we said”.
As her body falls away, I think that we rarely fall on purpose.
We fall down… we fall asleep at the wheel… we fall ill.
And it’s the same with love,
We fall in love by accident.
But it wells up from somewhere deep under our consciousness, we are coded for love. And while death takes so much from us, it doesn’t take the LOVE. Ever. 🙏