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Affordable Direct Cremation Services in Australia

No service - all care cremation

Otherwise known as a Direct Cremation, this is a wonderful option for families who would rather take time now in order to create memories later.

Sometimes families are undecided, the rush of time passing after a loved ones death can be overwhelming, and the days too short to plan an appropriate funeral. Sometimes creating a memorial event later means other family can attend that may not have been able to at shorter notice.

Other people may need quiet and calm away from the flurry of funeral planning in their early grief. Whatever the reason, we are committed to meeting each family’s unique needs, whatever they are.

At Sacred Earth Funerals, we understand that planning a traditional funeral service can be overwhelming, especially during times of grief. That’s why we offer affordable and caring alternatives to traditional funerals, including our no-service cremation options, also known as Direct Cremation.

We provide compassionate and respectful direct cremation services that allow you to take the time you need now, with the option to create meaningful memories later. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explain what our Direct Cremation services entail, our cremation prices, and why it might be the right choice for you.


What Is Direct Cremation?

Direct Cremation, or “no service cremation,” is a simple and streamlined end-of-life service that bypasses traditional funeral ceremonies. It’s an excellent choice for families who prefer a more cost-effective and efficient way to handle their loved one’s final arrangements. With Direct Cremation, we take your deceased loved one into our care, provide the necessary preparations, and arrange for cremation without the need for a traditional funeral service.


Why Choose Direct Cremation Services?


No Service Cremation Options

Direct Cremation offers families various options and benefits:


1. Time and Flexibility

Sometimes, families find themselves undecided about the best way to memorialise their loved one. The rush of time passing after a death can be overwhelming, and planning a funeral on short notice can be challenging. Direct Cremation allows you the flexibility to create a memorial event later when all family members and friends can attend, reducing the stress during the early days of grief.


2. Quiet and Calm

The grieving process is unique for each individual. Some people may prefer a quiet and calm environment away from the flurry of funeral planning. Direct Cremation provides the space and time needed for reflection and healing.

Our Pledge to You

Sacred Earth provides all of our dead with care exceeding expectations. All of our deceased are cared for with deep respect and dignity. This is very important as we consider our work to be a humble extension of your own family caring for your beloved dead.

Our Direct Cremation services include:

  • Washing, Preparing, and Dressing: We ensure your loved one is treated with care and respect.
  • Vigil and Anointing Ceremony: We offer the option for a vigil and anointing ceremony before the final disposition.

Please view all of our holistic care inclusions & choices below:


Cremation Prices

We offer two Direct Cremation packages to suit your preferences:

1. No Service Cremation with Vigil and/or Viewing - $3,800

There is no funeral just cremation, but you may spend time in a viewing, or while your person is in vigil at The Sanctuary (Sacred Earth Funeral Home). Use of Sacred Ceremony to promote healing and integration of loss. This option provides:

  • Local transfers to the Sacred Earth mortuary.
  • A viewing or vigil at The Sanctuary.
  • Any necessary prayers or blessings.
  • An enviro or Bioboard coffin.
  • Transport to the crematorium.
  • Cremation fee, death registration, and BDM Death Certificate.
  • Return of ashes to the family.
  • Full tender care throughout the process.

2. No Service Direct Cremation - $2,350

For those who prefer no fuss, this is the simplest, most streamlined end-of-life service available. The most affordable option on the North Coast:

  • Transfer of the deceased person to our mortuary for gentle death care.
  • Finalisation of all legal requirements, including an official BDM Death Certificate and doctors’ certification.
  • Return of ashes to you with heartfelt care.

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At Sacred Earth Funerals, we are dedicated to providing you with affordable and compassionate Direct Cremation services. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings and how we can support you during this challenging time. When you ring us, your phone call will be answered directly. It is an honour to serve your needs. Please note that prices and services may be subject to change. For the most up-to-date information, please contact us directly. For more information about our services, visit our website: Sacred Earth Funerals

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Direct Cremation skips the traditional funeral service and associated ceremonies. It offers a straightforward, cost-effective option for handling your loved one’s remains.

Yes, our “No Service Cremation with Vigil and/or Viewing” option allows for a viewing or vigil at The Sanctuary, providing you with the opportunity to say your final goodbyes.

Your choice depends on your preferences and budget. The “No Service Direct Cremation” is our most affordable option, while the other includes additional elements such as a viewing or vigil.

We handle all legal requirements, including obtaining an official BDM Death Certificate and doctors’ certification, ensuring a smooth process for you.

Contact us at 1300 585 778, and our compassionate team will guide you through the process. When you call, your needs will be met directly, as it is an honour for us to serve you during this difficult time.