Exclusive funerals by Mimi

Our most bespoke & personal service of all: a week with Mimi to attend to your person, your grief, your family, and to you.

Exclusive Mimi only service

24/7 during your week with us.

Our most exclusive service. Mimi will walk with you to create the most intimate and personal farewell. From the most exquisite floral arrangements, to support in eulogy writing, Letters of love/forgiveness, ritual of release, staying present with grief and love as the outpouring of great loss, making meaning and personal care package reflecting our time together after your loved one is laid to rest.

Arrangement of home visits, family interviews and counselling, every wish considered. Your choice of celebrant including Mimi Shrouding, Rituals of release, grief and Daily attendance (within 50km from Sacred Earth Funeral Home) and 24-hour phone support for the Sacred Transitional week of your loved one.

How we work

I walk with you. I am your safe hands, your guide on the path of grief and loss. I will want to know as much about your person as I can. I come to your home or will await you at The Sanctuary, listen, share tea and connect deeply.

We thoroughly make sure you are aware of all of your choices, and we do not make assumptions as to what you might need. We encourage you to explore options that fulfil your needs rather than doing what you might feel is expected. We are your safe hands and your guide.


We will create an event to honour your loved one in the way that is most healing to you, and together we will consider the invaluable objectives of the traditional funeral ceremony -as both a rite of separation and of re-integration. The purpose of this ceremony is to build a foundation from which your lives may continue without the physical presence of your loved ones. We support you throughout, and we will be with you when your loved one is finally laid to rest.

We go beyond ordinary care in creating unforgettable events and farewells. Night funerals, paddle out ash scatterings, hot air balloon memorials and full body sea burials for those with a demonstrated connection to our oceans, are some of the bespoke services that Mimi can create for you.  

You are invited to ring Mimi for any enquires about this most bespoke service of all.  – 1300 585 778

It’s my absolute heart calling and honour to serve you and your loved people at this hard time.

From $12,000 INCLUDING CREMATION and any casket or coffin in our range: solid Timber, pine, Bio-board, Pure New Wool casket etc.

Burial fees and event fees are additional.