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Holistic Funeral Services Northern Rivers

Sacred Earth Funerals honours and creates meaning in times of grief. We understand that grief comes as the flip side of the great love that you feel for your person. Grief is as individual as you are. We are here to share your unique grief healing journey. All of our experience after loss matters. All of it is welcome at Sacred Earth Funerals. We are a safe haven after death, both for your deceased loved one, and for you. A deep welcome.

Sacred Earth Funerals create beautiful funerals and vigils to hold families in grief and celebration of their beloved dead. We create funerals in every location: from churches, to tranquil bushland or beach, or in the comfort of the family home.

Our promise is a carefully hand-crafted funeral that will seamlessly reflect your needs and wishes.

We also offer our premier funeral chapel experience @ The Sanctuary in the beautiful riverside village of Coraki, for people seeking an exceptional space of farewell.

Any service, or any combination of services is possible. We offer heart-centred care in whatever form you may need. Sometimes a phone call is all you need to settle a challenging situation or question. Please do not hesitate. If we can empower you with any form of knowledge around death and dying, we will.

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