Bespoke Funerals and Memorials

Our most bespoke & personal service of all: a week with Mimi to attend to your person, your grief, your family, and to you.

We create the farewell you need

Hand crafted - Highly personalised - Farewells with heart

A tailored personal service. We want to help you make anything possible. The way you are supported to say goodbye to your beloved one in the last hours on Earth in the presence of their mortal body, is one of the most tender and profound experiences of your life. We are always conscious of the magnitude of these precious moments. We are honoured to help you create the unforgettable memories that will remain with you for your lifetime.  


How we work

Sacred Earth is a unique funeral home in many ways. The range of options and services is unparalleled on the Far North Coast NSW. Options are limited only by your imagination, including deep sea burials for deceased with a demonstrated connection to the oceans, burials on private land, night time and dawn funeral services,  memorials in hot air balloons, riverside or exquisite cliff side settings. Contact us for a lovingly curated farewell for your special person.

We encourage you to explore options that fulfill your needs. 

We are your safe hands, your support, and your guide on your final journey with your beloved.

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