Sacred Earth Community Wellness

Workshop program 2022-2023

Prancheta 55

Death Anxiety


An experiential exploration of the way our fears around death hijack and limit our lives. We meet our fears of the unknown in a very safe space and gently confront them in a life altering way.

Prancheta 34

The Gifts of Sorrow


The effects of deep grief changes us forever. But there is also a flip side, the unexpected gifts that accompany the pain provide some solace and a whole new depth to the experience of life. There is a light in the darkness.

Prancheta 71

Being with the Dying


Walking the dying home. Our own fears have held us back from being fully present with our dying loved ones. We have become alienated from the vigiling practises of our ancestors. Never before have the traditional skills of the death doula been so necessary across the planet.

Prancheta 75

Advance Health Care Directive


What would you like to have happen when you can no longer speak for yourself? Planning now for your care when you are dying is essential to make sure your wishes are faithfully carried out. We look at common end-of-life treatments, their value and their personal impact. We finish with a fully documented plan of your final wishes.

We also come to your venue to deliver End-of-Life workshops and shorter 2 hour presentations

We use multi-media combined with in-person presentations as the most effective way to engage with our group and leave them with information that empowers future direction and choices.

We offer this as a free service to community organisations.

Please contact us for bookings and more information.