Funerals for babies

Tender Care of Little Lives Lost - the most unimaginable pain

A different kind of grief

No one should ever have to face this reality, but if it’s yours, we extend all of our support and love to you now and always. It’s a grief that reverberates throughout community, with massive impact, it feels so unnatural in the great order of life.

Losing a baby is simply the hardest loss to bear.

We are so sorry if need has brought you to this page. We understand that your grief is overwhelming and that dark days have arrived when you should actually be wrapped in a blissful parenting time.

We hope that you are held and surrounded by a great loving support. We are here and can offer gentle presence in your darkness, taking care of you and your baby, and offering unbounded time, space, presence and love.

Please call Mimi directly, if your precious child has died. 1300 585 778

How we help

In the midst of such an unfathomable death, you are likely experiencing deep and total shock. Our role is to find what will bring you the greatest comfort and healing in this tragic time, and always with the tenderest of care for you and your babe.

* We will search with you for any faith based or cultural ritual that has some importance to you, in order to help orientate your sweet soul in this harrowing time. This may also involve your child’s blanket, a toy, a card, or anything that has been meaningful to you in your parenting journey.

* We will guide and be guided by you as to how much you wish to be a practical part of your child’s care. Washing, dressing, blessing, singing – we encourage you involvement in every step, as we unfold into genuine acts of love and care for you in such suffering.

* A gentle reverence: There may be sharing of stories, or music, or sweet memories in order to honour your baby and your journey to this time and place. Endings, as with beginnings, are remembered forever, our role is to be your devoted support.

* Place. Caring for you baby in your own home, or in our sacred Sanctuary space – all of this, any of this.

Ongoing support

We believe in building networks of care and support for families who have endured the death of their child.

This is an “it takes a village” mentality.

We will create bridges to experts on child loss and recommend support with specialist people after the funeral too.

Our own aftercare extends to grief and loss support groups at The Sanctuary.

We connect and collaborate with other professionals that will help see your family through an unfathomable loss.

Contact us to find out how we can help

When you ring us, your phone call will be answered directly. It is an honour to serve your needs.