The Sanctuary Funeral

Our heartfelt premium funeral experience

What is it?

The Sanctuary is unparalleled in it’s beauty as a funeral chapel. It is framed by historic church architecture, and has become a sought after venue for funerals.

​We also have historic Brandon Hall available as an alternative venue at the same location, a place also steeped in community-use history from the time that Coraki was a bustling village at the meeting of the waters. Bringing alive the community memories of dances and weddings all things joyful. A perfect location to celebrate lives!

For nature lovers, the Sanctuary retreat also offers outdoor spaces for funerals, the Coraki Community gardens in the backyard, or on the grass under the giant fig tree.. come visit us, have a look around, and let your heart lead!

Whats Included

$6,500 is an all inclusive price with CREMATION

$6,900 is an all inclusive price with BURIAL (cemetery fees additional)

The most beautiful funeral retreat in Australia

20 minutes from Lismore – Casino – Evans Head

30 minutes from Ballina

50 minutes from Byron Bay

The Sanctuary Funeral

Our objective is to deliver true and personal celebration of lives and a tender space to be with grief, love and the living memories that accompany the death of your person.
For what is death, but the release of love.

We provide two explicit areas of care:

The first is to the honoured deceased, whose beloved body has been a sacred vessel of life.

If this is your person, you can expect tender care, and deep compassion from everyone involved in their care.
Our second priority is You, the family and loved ones of our deceased.

We want you to know what it is like to be cared for by funeral directors and staff that are truly sensitive to the depth of your loss.

We want you to expect extraordinary care and fair pricing.

Our objective with all of our funerals, and particularly in the sacred Sanctuary space is for people to leave this space with healing in their hearts and peace in their minds.

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