The Importance of Ritual




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Humans have always had a compelling urge to find a meaning in existence, and to find common ground or a merging with the infinite.

Funerals are very ritualistic. They are intentionally designed to provide a structure for a community of people to be able to embrace a great loss together. A loss that can be too hard to face alone.

But we all use ritual far beyond our need to process huge life transitions. Our morning cuppa, our check-in on Facebook, the birthday traditions….these are our every day rituals. Ritual is a basic human need, as urgent as shelter, food and love. We cannot exist in chaos.

This is why at Sacred Earth Holistic Funerals, we are very careful to employ ritual as a way to heal, throughout our journey with families. When we vigil those in their dying, after death, through funeral and final disposition, we create some order in the chaos of loss and emotional intensity. Ritual becomes the bowl that holds us while our soul’s adjust to our eternally altered lives.