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Burials and Cremations

At Sacred Earth Funerals, we are dedicated to providing eco-friendly and sustainable natural funeral services, including both burials and cremations. Our approach is rooted in a deep commitment to the environment and a profound respect for the deceased. Here, we will explore our natural burial offerings, green burial costconsiderations, and how our services can help you make environmentally responsible choices during difficult times.

As you explore our services, you’ll discover the benefits of natural burials, also known as green burials or eco burials, and gain insights into green burial costs. We take pride in offering a range of eco-friendly coffins, caskets, and shrouds sourced from sustainable materials. Whether you choose a natural burial or sustainable cremation, you can trust us to help you leave a lighter footprint on the Earth.

Eco-friendly and Sustainable Natural Burials

Our ethos revolves around eco-friendly and sustainable natural funerals, offering you an environmentally conscious alternative to traditional burial and cremation methods. We believe that every person deserves a final farewell that aligns with their values and leaves a minimal ecological footprint.

Natural Body Care is at the core of all we do

At Sacred Earth Funerals, our focus is to ensure that all people are cared for in a way that is gentle, tender and environmentally sustainable. Our mortuary is a natural body care area: we use only pure botanicals, essential oils and organic skin care products on our deceased.

Eco-friendly coffins, caskets and shrouds

We proudly offer a wide range of coffins, caskets, and shrouds to our families. This includes coffins and caskets sourced from sustainably produced timbers, eco-board, and wicker. Choosing an eco-friendly coffin or casket can significantly reduce the environmental impact of the funeral service, allowing us to honour your loved one while honouring the Earth.

A Natural Burial

We receive many inquiries regarding options for a green burial. We are fortunate to have Australia’s first natural burial ground established in the Lismore Shire at the Bushland Cemetery, Goonellabah. This beautiful, nature environment of open sunny spaces interspersed by tall eucalyptus trees, provides the opportunity to lay your person to rest in a landscape that has minimal human impact.

The Far North Coast of NSW is a national forerunner in natural burial grounds with new sites under consideration for Byron and Tweed Shires.

Choosing a natural burial is a meaningful way to connect with nature and leave a lasting legacy of environmental responsibility.

Sustainable cremations

We encourage all families to consider the use of sustainable bio-board and wicker caskets or coffins for cremation. This reduces the environmental footprint of your funeral service and truly enables us to leave the Earth lightly. Our eco-conscious approach extends to every aspect of the funeral process.

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At Sacred Earth Funerals, we understand the importance of honouring your loved ones while preserving the planet for future generations. Our compassionate and environmentally conscious approach ensures that you can say goodbye with the knowledge that you are making a positive impact on the world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A natural burial, also known as a green burial or eco burial, is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional burials. It involves interring the deceased in a way that allows the body to decompose naturally, returning to the earth without the use of embalming chemicals or non-biodegradable materials.

The green burial cost can vary depending on several factors, including the location, the choice of burial site, and the type of eco-friendly casket or shroud selected. At Sacred Earth Funerals, we offer a range of options to suit different budgets, and our team can provide detailed natural burial cost estimates based on your preferences.

Sacred Earth Funerals offer local natural burials, with plots available at the Bushland Cemetery in Lismore. We also assist with other natural burial options, including burials on private land (subject to approval). To determine the availability of natural burial sites in your area, please contact our team for assistance.

To make cremation more eco-friendly, we recommend using sustainable bio-board and wicker caskets or coffins. These materials have a lower environmental impact than traditional options. Additionally, you can inquire about our cremation services, which prioritise sustainability.