Home vigils and healing

Accepting loss as part of life

Being death positive

A Home vigil is reclaiming and empowering our capacity for wholeness as human beings. A vigil allows us the time, space and privacy to process emotions, to honour religious or personal customs and to be supported by the community and begin the healing process.

Death is natural

We can only live in the fullness of life when we have found some peace with the inevitability of our deaths. We do this best by caring for one another and our beloved dead.

Accepting loss

When we are supported to experience death as a natural and beautiful passage, healing occurs.

The grieving process

When the body of our beloved is not taken from us before we feel ready, a profound healing of grief and loss is able to manifest. Many people experience a profound inner transformation and are able to let go of the physical attachment in the sacred space created in a Home Vigil.

There is a magical 3 day window that occurs after a death that allows great healing to occur. When we have the opportunity to be fully present, we are able to begin the transition into processing grief. Emotions, memories and regrets that were not there in the immediate aftermath of death, are able to surface over this time, and we begin to heal.​

Inevitably, there comes the moment when family say they feel ready to allow the body of their beloved to move on to the next stage of their final earthly journey.

They may notice the energy change around the deceased over this time, the life force gradually depleting from the body. People come to feel ready to allow their loved one to re-join their original nature in the arms of the Earth.

This is the time for farewell, a funeral or blessing before final disposition of the body.

A Vigil may include any number of the following experiences: