Christmas Wishes for our Community 2018




From all of us at Sacred Earth Holistic Funerals, to all of the people of our beautiful Far North Coast Community, and loved ones everywhere….

We wish you peaceful hearts, contented minds and deep, rich and loving interactions with those closest to your heart during these festive end of year weeks.

May your awareness extend at this time to those around us who may be grieving and spare some words or gesture to touch right into their weary hearts this Christmas. For all those who are alone or lonely, dare to reach out, let someone know, so that we may open a conversation, share a cuppa or a meal and a laugh.

,May all hearts everywhere remember that nothing ever ends, it just changes form and flourishes in some place else. What we have loved is always with us, can never be taken from us in essence, and continues to strengthen our inner life now.

With great thanks to all who’ve shared our vision and supported our work in reclaiming death for ourselves. With gratitude to those who have trusted Sacred Earth Holistic Funerals to care for you at the end of days, we wish YOU great blessings and inner peace.

Very special thanks to those people and establishments that have inspired and supported us from our earliest visions in the creation of Sacred Earth Holistic Funerals. Of the many, a special mention to:

Michael Currie, Northern Rivers Embrace, Helena, Erkki, Heather, Mandy, Lola, Daniella, Ray and Uncle Bill the Elders, MG, the team at Barefoot Funerals, Mel and Aurora, for being ever willing. Also those families who trusted us to care for them during their loss and grief, and most of all to my true and faithful friend and colleague Greg, who has been there from the outset, always safeguarding the vision of Sacred Earth becoming a healing presence in our community.

With gratitude and blessings,

,Mimi , and all of us at Sacred Earth Holistic Funerals